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  • "The thing about programming is that sometimes problems just seem to go away by themselves, and when that happens you should be very, very scared."
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  • "The thing about programming is that for those that love it, it isn’t a means to an end, it’s everything; which is why you just can’t help that “one more feature” creep."
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  • Absolutely hilarious!

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  • boys-and-suicide:


    So I just wrote this for my Math teacher and I felt it was appropriate. Someone’s got to speak out for us right?

    Just an hour after I posted this a police officer took me to the office and they talked to me about this because my teacher turned it in. So I got in trouble but I refused to take the post down because this is so important to me. We don’t have many people speaking out against mental illnesses and we have to start somewhere.

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  • sixpenceee:

    did you ever become friends with someone so beautiful?  and then they started telling you about the douchebags in their lives that did horrible things to them, like cheat and lie. and the only thing running through your mind is “who would ever want to hurt someone like you?”

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  • Love this song. I’ll be home soon!

  • englishmajorhumor:

    Oh my gosh, but then there’s this one.

    (From College Humor’s "Pick Up Lines From Famous Authors")


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